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  • Want a New Worship Art Experience and Activity for Your Next Ladies Ministry Conference or Retreat?
    Look no further than right here! Thank you for your interest in considering A Brush with Jesus Art Ministry services. Whether inquiring to book a speaking engagement and/or painting event with us, I hope this day has found you blessed. If we have never formally met, I would like to quickly introduce myself. I am Donna L. Ammons, owner and founder. I am a mixed-media artist working on the Emerald Coast of Florida. After teaching art to students for almost two decades, I know that I have been called not only to teach but to be an atmosphere changer and encourage others about the goodness of God . My mission is to help women and young girls learn how to invite and encounter the presence of Jesus through artistic expression and worship. I have been called to help encourage and set the captives free, bringing those in darkness out into the light. My deepest hope and desire is that each person that interacts with the services provided or the original art itself will have A Brush with Jesus! *Find out more answers to your questions regarding our services below!
  • What services do you offer?
    SERVICES Thank you for your interest in our services that we host and facilitate: -Keynote Speaking & Breakout Painting Sessions for Women’s Conferences/Ladies Retreats -All Inclusive Art Gatherings -Painting Parties (small and corporate) -Online Art Classes, Courses, Workshops and Membership Groups
  • What services do you offer?
    SERVICES Thank you for your interest in our services that we host and facilitate: -Keynote Speaking & Breakout Painting Sessions for Women’s Conferences/Ladies Retreats -All Inclusive Art Gatherings -Painting Parties (small and corporate) -Online Art Classes, Courses, Workshops and Membership Groups
  • What types of painting projects can we create?
    When you book a painting party with A Brush with Jesus, I will share testimony and artistic tips while encouraging you to express your own artistic freedom through the creative process by producing one of three projects that I create right alongside you. Feel free to inquire about different types of projects that you and your women’s ministry or group might like to incorporate into your latest bible study, topics or themes. Prayer Art Journals- A place to record visual representations of heavenly revelations. In this class we will create an artful cover for your Prayer Art Journal using mixed media techniques. I will lead you step by step introducing you to this style of art. You will then begin to play with all types of art supplies and “ephemera”. We make space for God to flow through this creative process unveiling little God winks all along the way. This is a wonderful way to create a special place to continue to record God’s provisions, prayers and praises in an artful way. Blessing Blocks- These square canvas mixed media art projects {6x6 or 8x8} are absolutely amazing to hang or set on a surface somewhere close to you, to remind you WHO you are and WHOSE you are in Christ. In this class, we will create a portrait that is a representation of who you are as the daughter of the most High King. We discuss our identity in Christ and then add the God downloads and prophetic words he gives us in prayer right into the portrait itself. Mixed Media Canvas with a Message-These 16x20 large canvases are perfect for painting large objects such as crosses, churches, angels and more. I will share art tips and techniques using templates and an array of art supplies. You will be able to display these large pieces on a wall in your home as a reminder of fun and fellowship with the heavenly father and friends. We encourage you to Inquire about Additional Projects Options Available Seasonally as well as In Conjunction with your Groups Current Topical & Biblical Studies.
  • How much do Mobile Art Painting Parties cost?
    Mobile Art Painting Party Fees: Three Hour Single Project Painting Party $50 non-refundable deposit two weeks in advance $50 travel fee for local travel within 30 mile radius + $.67 per mile thereafter $825 covers up to 15 painting participants (minimum) $45 each additional participant *additional travel and lodging fees may be applicable for overnight stays * *free admission for hostess with 20 paid participants Ladies Ministry, Women's Groups, Churches and or Hosts of Parties are allowed to cover a desired percentage or portion of the fees required as well as the amount of fees required in their entirety to book a party. Often times groups will choose to pay a percentage of the event and require their guests to pay a lesser amount to attend. I am willing to work with you and what is best for your group, church or corporate entity. Services listed here are rendered for one night, however additional art and testimonial services for 2 and 3 day conferences/retreats can be incorporated at discounted rates and pricing.
  • What is the process for your mobile art painting party services?
    PROCESS OF PAINTING PARTIES This is an overview of the overall procedure and process for each painting party. Each painting class consists of the following: preliminary consultation via phone, text, email and social media correspondence planning the dates, time, travel and fees. pre-purchasing art supplies and pre-painting sample projects load up check into lodging if beyond 60 mile survey and set-up onsite space retreat to- pray & prepare A small volunteer team for your event is highly appreciated and encouraged to readily help unload, set up and clean up. START time: Fellowship always happens as soon as we “gals” get together ( remember to factor this into your start time as we know we all need a few minutes to fellowship and settle in and is welcomed while the last bit of set-up is finishing (approx. 15 mins) testimonial time begins (approx. 20 minutes) intermission (if you are serving snacks or food at your event this is a great time to allow guests to prepare a plate) painting tips and techniques session (approx. 20 minutes) paint pouring and gathering supplies begins (approx. 15 minutes) painting begins- I will continue guiding and teaching the attendees throughout the event, hopping and helping table to table (approx. 1 ½ -2 hours) cleaning up and load up (approx. 45 minutes) ARRIVAL-SET UP -BREAK DOWN FOR PAINTING PARTIES Arrival Time- I arrive about an hour before the event actually begins, for above mentioned unloading and set-up purposes. Tables- Supply and set up tables and chairs for guests for adequate spacing needed to paint. I request that prior to my arrival that two rectangular tables be set at the front of the event space to hold all of the supplies that will be unloaded. Tables need to be covered with plastic disposable tablecloths. I suggest that for smaller 6 foot tables and/or round tables to only seat 2-3 guests each at each table and for 8ft. tables 4 guests. Paper towels and a water source/sink nearby are a must and needed for clean up. I will bring all other materials needed for the event. Testimony Time- Testimony time is a time to share the heart of God and his goodness with you and your ladies group. Oftentimes, I will use this as a time to let you know a little bit more about my testimony and how God began this art ministry. The Party Event Process: Prayer is always preceded before any event. When booking, you are welcome to “tie in” the project chosen to a theme or bible study you are currently in and feeling led to at the time of our assembling together. I also like to give God the room to move and open opportunity to share what's on his heart. We then begin to go over tips and techniques, begin painting and complete our task at hand. Clean Up and Load Up- will take approx. 45 minutes after the last projects are completed. This is where the volunteer team is so appreciated as well…as they begin to collect trash ( used paper towels, painting trays, wash brushes, gather supplies)
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