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Mixed Media Marathon

My 3 Day Mixed Media Marathon - is going well! Day 1- I started off at a nice pace of social media LIVES,,,that included a great time of encouragement through the word,,,paintings… worshipping all along the way! 3 hours later…. 6 hours later…9 hours later (say all of these using the voice of the narrator of sponge bob) and I feel like I just completed my first REALLY REAL MARATHON… like one that you would REALLY RUN in!!! Lol- It went little something like this talk .talk talk, paint paint paint, picture picture picture upload, talk talk talk, paint paint paint, picture picture picture upload, repeat, repeat, repeat….all good things… but a lot of words used, wet wipes and paper towels used that are currently scarce supplies that I’m trucking through like there’s NO CORONA …SOMEBODY STOP ME!!! Lol! We ended the day with a beautiful prayer over a new friend l! Day 2- Another absolutely beautiful day with my friends and followers, breaking bread, encountering the Lord’s presence, fellowshipping online, and more! We took an online tour of the art studio itself …and of course God shows up with a little God wink… a reflection of a double cross with the colors of a rainbow on the wall! I’ve never seen it there before, Surely, the Lord is in this place! Day 3 Time to start day three creating live, laughing and painting all along the way! God has been showing me the number three and it’s significance all year! Eager to see how God meets us on the third day! The art sale will be tonight….and I can’t wait! Time to start thinking about preparing for the next one!

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