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This Girl is On Fire!!!

Dear Girl, Do you know the authority you have within you? I'm not talking about the authority to destroy public property, buildings and businesses of others in this crazy time we have found our country in, rather the authority you have deep within you to destroy the enemies plans that he has for you and your own family, your circumstances and sphere of atmosphere! The other night God gave me a little picture in a dreamlike state (as he often does) of me wearing thick heavy boots that had Holy Spirit Fire shooting up and out of them with his flames to destroy anything that tried to come against me. They would burn up any tactic the enemy had! I was standing on a patch of green grass below my feet, while the enemy’s little grotesque and demonic minions were just surrounding me to try to just gnash at me feet to gain ground ...BUT GOD!!! HE FITTED MY FEET WITH PEACE and with unfailing faith to simply stomp on what I saw! God was showing me that I had the authority to defeat the enemies attacks, yes through the fire of the holy spirit he equipped me with and the anointing of my Father in Heaven, but I had to take action too! That's the authority you possess too, to defeat the devil's grip and hold he has had on you for far too long, your situation, your relationships, etc. The word of God is power and truth! One word my sisters, one declaration from the word of God in belief that your God is in control... is all it takes often times to extinguish the tactics of the enemy but often times God is waiting for you to come into the belief that he can and will do it! I'm the first to tell you I'm not a BIBLE theologian lol...but I have walked with the Lord long enough to know that I know when HE is trying to tell me something through the word, in worship, prayer and visions. In my case, I have learned often times that God is waiting for me to partner up "my faith" with his abilities and Speak out what the word of God says! "Resist the devil and he will flee"...I first have to resist what the devil is saying, which is as simple as stopping the lies and the negative banter he re-plays in your head and replacing it intentionally with more, more, more of the word of God! I'm finding the more I use the word of God (the sword of the spirit) spoken out of my own mouth in faith...armored up with all the weapons that he gives us in Ephesians 6 (go read it) the more ground I gain and the more the enemy loses! This was my prayer this year, as many of you know I will snatch people out of the pit of hell through encouragement from the word, prayer and petitioning for others while being slow to do it for myself...but God is teaching me to do it daily in my own life as well! I just wanted to encourage you today dear girl, to take the authority you have because it is written, that you are a "joint-heir" with Christ who sits at the right hand of the father! And you are a chosen priesthood- that he gives the same authority to, to defeat the devil and his schemes in your life. For, he has plans for you to prosper you and give you a hope and a future! So put on your HOLY SPIRIT FIRE EXTINGUISHING BOOTS...(or high heels) and stomp out the enemies attempts and take back the authority that HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN YOU when he died for you on that cross! This girl is ON FIRE! I HOPE YOU ARE TOO! Reference scriptures to read: Ephesians 6 1: 5, Ephesians 6:10+, Galatians 4:5-7, John 1 :12, Romans 8: 14-19, Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Peter 2:9-10

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